Even the school backpack deserves to be cool!

These days, for many children and young people, the bell of the first day of school has been played, for others it lacks very little.

Not everyone has yet completed the equipment to face a new year of school, high school or university.

The backpack reflects the personality of the purchaser. There are those who choose sober, continuous and timeless colors such as black, blue or gray and those who dare to choose more vibrant colors, almost summer like fuchsia, turquoise, yellow and those who see in September the beginning of Autumn and therefore prefers typical colors of this season such as ocher yellow, orange and brown or those who prefer the camouflage pattern.

There are many models of backpacks, the most resistant are the best-selling, water-repellent, padded and multi-function pockets.

Now the backpack is no longer just a container of books, pencils or pens but becomes an accessory to combine with the outfit to make it glamorous, captivating and fashionable.

With the school backpack you sometimes go to the gym, on the road but also in the office or in the company.

In the best-selling rucksack rankings we find the bestsellers of companies such as: Eastpak with the classic EASTPAK PADDED PAK'R® model produced in various colors and patterns, Napapjiri with the classic NAPAPIJRI VOYAGE 1 model, The North Face with the Borealis outdoor backpack.

The right case of the same fantasy and color must be associated with each backpack.

The streetwear trend has taken over and is very clear; it divides into two on one side small backpacks, fashion pastel or classic, on the other the large backpacks that are born in the world of trekking and seem to find their natural environment in the school.

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