When Summer comes and the curtain falls on Indoor Volleyball ,the Beach Volleyball discipline enters the scene.

It is not just a sport practiced by lovers of the sea and the sand but it is a sport that benefits both body and mind at the same time.

There are many reasons why sports lovers generally practice this discipline recognized at Olympic level since 1996.

Among the reasons:

-Unique atmosphere: in fact, there is joy, play and motivation to lord it.

-Location: we report an identifying phrase of Joshua "You are always in beautiful places, at the sea and with the sun".

-Physical well-being: on the physical level there is an improvement in breath and breathing. Sun exposure and vitamin D for a beautiful tanned skin and stronger bones.

Numbers on the rise since the last edition of the Olympic Games, in Rio in 2016, with the duo Daniele Lupo and Paolo Nicolai who won the silver medal.

At the 26th edition of the Italian Championship, record numbers were organized in Milan last weekend with an increase of 66% compared to the 2017 edition and that of 2018 both for the women's and men's specialties. Over 350 registered to confirm the growing trend.

The under-21s for the men's tournament Jakob Windish and Alberto Di Silvestre also took part in the Milan stage, for the women's tournament the duo of Reka Orsi Toth and Chiara They. Both teams have won and present themselves in splendid form in Thailand at Undon Thani for the Under-21 Beach Volleyball World Cup which starts today June 18th 2019.

All that remains is to cheer the azzurrini and live a summer of sun & sport!

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