World Blow placed by the tarantina that only a year ago wore the Brand Quality Sport on the costume produced by Arena.

Who is Benedetta?

He was born in Taranto on January 18, 2005, the vice world champion of the 50 frog swims since he was just 2 years old and he attended the scientific high school with excellent grades.

A mix of energy and organization: he spends his afternoons divided between homework and training.

Lives and trains at the Solaris Pool in Pulsano. His coach Vito D’Onghia hoped that ‘his’ Benedetta placed the result. He believed a little, after the performances lined up in recent months. In June, at the Sette Colli Trophy he set the absolute Italian record in the 50 frog, then improved in the batteries of the World Cup in Korea. At the European swimming championships in Kazan, a few weeks ago, he had always won gold in the single frog tank and silver in the mixed 4 × 100 relay team.

Despite the 14 years, his success board is already full of records and successes.

The Italy of swimming looks at it with admiration and with future projection, no surprise before its tender age, in fact it seems to remember Federica Pellegrini for character, determination and age.

The tarantina won even before Federica, in fact when for the first time Pellegrini got on a podium so important, at the 2004 Athens Olympics, she was 16, while Benedetta was in the belly of mother. She would have been born only a few months later.

His participation was already a record in Gwangju. Never had an Italian woman so young swam in a World Cup, not even Federica Pellegrini. Just with her, Benedetta had flown from Fiumicino to South Korea. "Enjoy it", the advice of the Italian Queen of Swimming

Even if at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the 50 frogs will not be there and on the double distance, for now, Benedetta does not travel as fast. But the clean face and innocence of a 14 year old who cries after arriving, incredulous for what she has just realized, could still be there. It is enough to listen to that phrase that tells more than the results who Benedetta Pilato is: "Now I have to think about the junior World Cup", were his first words to Rai microphones after the silver behind Lilly King.

Our Quality Sport team is proud of you.

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