Today June 21st 2019 is the summer solstice, the holidays are close and with them also the time when you need to pack your bags. The question that everyone asks: "What do I pack?"

You would like to take everything and in an orderly manner but unfortunately the limitations of the airlines on the luggage to be carried in the cabin or the bonnet of the car too small limit you and not a little.

Whatever your holiday, from the sea to the mountains, from the city to the desert, the method to prepare your suitcase does not change!

Today we want to give you 10 tips on how to make the perfect suitcase, let's see what they are:

1. Write a list

The first step to take in order not to forget anything and have everything under control is to write a specific list for clothing, accessories, shoes and personal items to take with you. This list will also be useful for the return to avoid forgetting something during your trip.

2. Put everything on the bed or table

Once the list is drawn up, place everything on the bed or table and check the object as you insert it into the trolley.

3. Shoes first of all

The shoes are the first to enter the suitcase or bag you've chosen. The footwear will be the solid base of the entire remaining list. Moreover, if you are a lover of shoes in general and do not know how to give up a pair of sneakers or extra sandals, also use the side of the suitcase and the edges.

4. Do not fold, roll up!

Clothing should not be folded but rolled up to save space. Before packing your suitcase, you spent hours just ironing your clothes with you and you'd like them to arrive perfect to your destination, so never fold them but roll them up so you have at least one advantage: free space.

5. Pay attention to the spaces

After putting the shoes on as the base of the whole suitcase, fill the free holes with swimsuits, if you have chosen a beach vacation, instead with terry socks, if you have chosen an adventure holiday or in the mountains, or with a comfortable range, if you have chosen a cultural vacation in the city and long lines are waiting for you outside the museums.

6. Green light for jeans

After putting shoes, swimsuits and underwear on the bottom, the heavier ones that tend to wrinkle less start with the first layer of clothes. Make sure you have filled all the free spaces and move on to the second layer of clothing.

7. Jackets, t-shirts, Bermuda shorts and shorts

After inserting the pants and jeans you can start filling your suitcase with sweatshirts for the coldest evenings, jackets (like jeans or similar) and rolled-up T-shirts. Shirts, on the other hand, are the penultimate layer.

8. Accessories and tricks

After having inserted all the shoes, the clothing and the underwear, you have to think about the accessories: our advice is to equip yourself with small specific accessories bags. Fill in the last available spaces. The last layer will consist of super-light clothes and super-fine tops on top of your suitcase.

9. Separate Electronic Devices

If your journey takes you on a flight, we remind you that you will have to take all your electronic devices with you in your hand luggage to prevent your fatigue in packing the suitcase from the checks at the airport and your suitcase. what will be undone. So we also advise you to equip yourself with Ipad, Porta Pc cases and a second basic Wallet that is always useful, if you have chosen a beach vacation, to avoid ruining your wallet in the sun, sand or salt.

10. Finally, the most important rule

Everyone must have a personal suitcase to avoid confusion.

With this we wish you a good trip in total comfort and a good summer!

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