May, although in reality her last name is Iachipino, daughter of Gianni and Fiona, both former Italian Olympic athletes!

She is Larissa just turned 17, fresh European champion under 20 in Boras of long jump (fourth gold for the Italian expedition), replicating what her mother did in 1987 (with the colors of Great Britain) in the same category.

He trains with his father Gianni during his schooling period near Florence and spends the summer with his mother and little sister.

"Crazy! Chills! "These were his words released in shock, they were all present, mother Fiona, father Gianni, little sister Anastasia, the day started as one of the worst, rain and threatening weather. A small meeting with mom "You trained in the rain all week ago, you already know what to do!"

The race is all growing in 5.93, the first result, then the 6.37 immediately giving podium directions, 6.41 the third score. 6.58 score of the final masterpiece. Gold.

In Sweden it is the flag that flies long and high!

Years ago Larissa was shooting commercials with her mother for a well-known food brand, evidently they served to make her the champion she is today.

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