Will technology in sports save the planet?

Today, 5 June 2019, we celebrate the World Environment Day proclaimed in 1972 and that every year presents a different theme.

This year the country that will be the setting for the World Environment Day is China, which has always been considered the country with the highest emission of air pollution.

The goal of this day is to raise awareness among the largest companies in the world to show respect for the environment we live in. More and more companies include eco-sustainability and all-round respect for nature in their mission.

The theme chosen for 2019 is the respect of all the Animal Species subject to a process of extinction guided by the same human action. Also in the field of fashion we are trying to reduce the environmental impact in the production of entirely eco-sustainable garments.

In fact, there are now so many sports brands that have focused more attention on respecting the environment. Major sports brands include Nike, Adidas, Converse etc.

The German brand has introduced an internal policy (IMS) that deals with managing commercial actions around the world in a safe, healthy and functional way from an energy point of view and respectful of the environment. Last year, on the occasion of World Environment Day, Adidas was the promoter of a real #adidas commitment with Parley for the Oceans. It was a promotional campaign to protect the oceans, where Adidas collaborated with Parley to create a model of ADIDAS ULTRABOOST PARLEY shoes, running shoes made of plastic material collected as waste deposited in the oceans.

Adidas has not only made shoes but the latest in order of arrival is the New Juventus Pre-Match Jersey: innovative graphics and recycled plastic texture.


On the other hand, the environment can be protected in various forms, in fact the US brand Nike charges with energy produced from renewable sources, reducing water consumption in its production processes.

Even the Converse brand has decided to undertake environmental protection using preferable raw materials such as canvas for at least some of the  sneakers Converse.

Following fashion and dressing green at the same time would now be a cultural issue, in fact, according to Business of Fashion, 66% of people would be willing to spend more on buying eco-sustainable garments.

Trend widely supported by the largest companies that have embraced the Environment cause in a synergistic way for a cleaner, less polluted and more suitable world for sport and the practice of outdoor sports

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