Wimbledon 2019, numbers and statistics of the most exclusive tennis tournament in the world

133 and 126 years!

These are the numbers of Wimbledon, exactly and in order are the years that the tournament has arrived for the athletes and for the athletes of the ATP and WTA circuits


These are the cups of English tea and coffee that will be consumed during the tournament at Wimbledon, three hundred thousand are also the glasses of Pimm's that will be mixed in fresh cocktails and ready for the very elegant guests of the tournament.


will be the strawberries and cream cups (strictly served with strawberries) and 120,000 pints of beer served at the tournament and surroundings.


They are the gadgets sold during the ATP tournament in the UK, hats are the master, followed by towels and finally by t-shirts. All exclusively with the Major Tournament logo


It is the mandatory color to wear for athletes as tournament clothing, without logos without sponsors, Wimbledon has very strict rules, as well as for those who attend the game will be obliged not to wear sweatshirts, hoods or sleeveless. The British is the style suitable for the tournament

Analysis and data of the ATP tournament

17 million euros!

This is the prize pool for the men's and women's circuit, of which, 2.7 million will go to the winner and 1.3 million to the other finalist.


These are the ATP points that will go to the winner of the Major.


These are the victories of King Roger Federer (38 years) at his twentieth presence in England, (link social instagram) is by far the most successful winner of the English grass tournament. Following Pete Sampras with 7 wins. Maybe it's his last presence at Wimbledon, Maybe ..


It is the quotation that bookmakers give to Novak Djokovic, the current number 1 in the world, as the winner of the Wimbledon 2019 tournament. For him there are 4 victories in England and he is the active tennis player who can still follow Federer's record.


It is the age of the youngest Wimbledon player - Felix-Auger Aliassime, Canadian, number 21 in the ATP ranking while 40 is the age of the oldest Ivo Karlovic

Analysis and data of WTA tournaments


They are the victories in all the tournaments of Serena Williams, winning Wimbledon 2019 would equal the world record still belonging to Margaret Smit Court and the American athlete like Federer could be at his last appearance on the English grass.


It is the year of birth of the current number 1 in the world in the WTA ranking, Ashleigh Barty and is the favorite of bookmakers, while the number 2 was born in 1997 Naomi Osaka, are the winners of the last 3 Slams.


Martina Navratilova's record of participation, of which 22 are consecutive and she is also the most successful with 9 victories in England in the 80s and she is also the oldest finalist at 38 in 1994. In 2004 she participated with the wild card at the age of almost 50 years.


For the years Martina Hingis had won the 1997 edition, the youngest tennis player ever to win a Wimbledon

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