Today we hear more and more often about the binomial Women & Sport. We are not referring only to the practice of sports by women, but to the much wider possibility of involving the so-called "Pink Quotas" within the entire organizational machine.

In fact, behind the world of Sport lies a real solid structure, made up of many realities, tools and opportunities, hidden by the National and International sports events that are then in the spotlight and represent the product of the Sport system.

While on the one hand the controversy raised by the male-dominated world on women's football, the discourse on the empowerment of female quotas at the next level undermined the possible rise of women in sport; on the other, in these days, the women of Italian football are positively populating the main media and communication channels.

In fact, the Italian women's national football team beat China with the result of 2 to 0, during the World Championships, which are taking place in France, establishing the best Italian result in a World Cup.

Next meeting on Saturday at 15.00, when the Italians will take the field against the Netherlands, in the challenge that will see the winner qualify among the best 4 teams in the world of women's football.

From grass to parquet, from a team sport to another, from football to basketball: in fact, the European Women's Basketball Championships are starting today and will be hosted in Serbia.

The Italian national team debuts today 27 June 2019 in Nis (Serbia) against the Turkish national team. An event not to be missed, the event will be broadcast live on SkySport1HD and SkySportArenaHD starting at 6.30pm.

An intense program for the Italians who play in the group stage and are included in Group C. Tomorrow, June 28, they will be back on the field to challenge Hungary and on June 30, Slovenia.

We could tell many stories and testimonies of women who brought the female figure to the fore and to success, for example we talk about Irma Testa, who went against all prejudices, making women's boxing legalize.

"It was very difficult to do this sport: at first I was kicked out of the gym". Irma Testa, the first female boxer to represent Italy at the Olympics, remembers how boxing is still considered a typically male sport and meets for the first time the woman who allowed her to practice boxing at a competitive level. This is Katia Bellillo, the former Minister of Equal Opportunities who in 2001 legalized boxing for women, amending the law of 1971 on the protection of sporting activities which, in the field of boxing, provided for health checks only for men. Taboos, prejudices and the strength of women fighting together. These are the themes of the video, made by Maria Iovine, as a preview of "Original Sin", a video and storytelling project on women and women that will be launched in September.

Not only sports practitioners, Giovanni Malagò is the number one sport in Italy, who after celebrating the victory of Italia Sportiva and not only with the awarding of the 25th edition of the Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2026 to Milan-Cortina duo, says "FINDING MANAGERS AND WOMEN CAPACI IMMEDIATELY" as evidence of what has been said so far

We just have to wish a big good luck to the national teams involved in international competitions in progress and to sports managers, sports journalists and all the other "Good Work" professionals.

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